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If you know that you want portraits taken while sitting on the ground, especially on grass, you might want to plan on wearing a more casual outfit.
Color Coordination
For group portraits of more than 3 people, try to coordinate the outfit colors at least to some extent so that one very contrasting color shirt doesn't take all the focus in the photo. This is also a good idea when deciding the style of clothing for everyone in the portrait.
One instance when a very contrasting color works well for a group portrait is when there is a baby in the photo. In this instance, if the baby is wearing a contrasting color, he or she will not be lost in the photo.
Solids show up much nicer in photos than patterns.
Black, as you know, is a very slimming color. Try to wear darker shades and stay away from white clothing if you have any weight concerns.
One area that woman, especially, are concerned with in photos is their arms. If you are concerned about this area of your body, you should pick an outfit that has normal to long sleeves; no sleeveless tops.
If you are concerned about the shape or size of your legs or ankles, pants will probably be the best fit for your photos.
Try to stay away from baggy dress slacks, tops, and other articles of clothing as they will give the appearance that are larger than you really are, but also try to avoid clothing that is to tight for your figure as this will show off any figure flaws.
For very pale legs, I suggest wearing nylons that will give you a bit of color.
Barefoot pictures tend to mix well with casual clothing, so bare this in mind when planning your photo attire.
If you are a female concerned about the larger size of your feet, high heels tend to make feet appear smaller in photos.
Your shoe choice should always match your clothing choice. For casual clothing, tennis shoes or sandals will work; for evening gowns, high heels.

Sunrise/Sunset Times
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